Sunday, October 10, 2004

Autumn leaves

We drove around yesterday and looked at the fall leaves. It is beautiful here. We've noticed that, whereas in Utah you can watch the fall leaves make there way down the mountains to the valley, here it works the other way. The color changes seem to start in the valleys and move up. There are a lot of little valleys here, so it's really pretty to drive through and see the changes. It may even be prettier here than Lawrence in the fall. And that's saying something, because Lawrence is beautiful.

We got out and walked around a little near a country club. Found a graveyard from 1794. Very picturesque. Then we started walking down this little dirt road. We thought it might wind through the woods and just be fun. I stopped to take a picture at one point, and as I was doing so this old couple came driving by in a golf cart. They said something like "Be careful. Those llamas will get you!" We laughed, but I couldn't see any llamas, so I thought they were a little goofy. We kept walking, and probably 10 yards farther down the road curved sharply left and dead ended at this couple's house. I guess they really do own a llama farm. And they probably thought we were the odd ones, walking down their driveway and taking pictures of their farm.

I was hoping to take some pictures to post, but our digital camera was out of batteries. Sorry. Maybe next time.

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