Monday, October 18, 2004

Laptop Quandaries

So, I'm curious about what people think about laptops. I am thinking of buying one these days. My friend just bought an HPzd7000 series laptop through Costco. That one looks not bad, but everything I read says that iBooks and PowerBook Macs are more reliable and better for video/digital photo stuff (which is part of the reason I'm interested in a laptop). I think Mac OS X is a better operating system than Windows, and it's supposed to be much safer in terms of viruses, etc. To begin with this computer would probably be for word processing and so on, but eventually I'd like to get into more film editing, etc. So are there any experts out there who would like to throw in their two cents? I know Macs are more expensive, but if it will last longer and be better in the long run, maybe it's worth it.

What to do what to do. Money is still a precious commodity for us, so I don't just want to throw it around and waste it.

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