Wednesday, November 24, 2004

ohio de gozaimasu!

Well, after a long drive yesterday (highlights: a random Subway in Ohio featuring a Christian rock radio station, Vanilla Coke, and a cranky wife with misplaced road rage) we are now in Ohio enjoying the cold and the chance to see family again.

Wendy and Jeff took us out to eat last night at LoneStar, which was pretty nice. LoneStar sells baked sweet potatoes, and even though we'll be enjoying sweet potatoes tomorrow, I had to try one. Very tasty.

The highlight of the trip so far is enjoying Jeff's Xbox Live. He is very pleased to have more people to play with. Also, for Christmas he got a digital video projector, and tonight he plans on hooking it up so that we will be playing on extra-large screen (something like 130 inches). Should be fun. I'm the worst player in the house, but I enjoy it.

I've also finally begun research. My goal today was to get through 3 books, but it's now 3:00 and I've only gotten through one, so I'm not sure how well that goal will go. The real goal is to get most of the research (60%-80%) done by Saturday night so that on Monday I can begin writing/organizing and finish research. Do you, my little minions, really care what my research plans are? Of course not, but just writing it down helps me get more organized. I have a "status report" due on Thursday and an oral project due on Friday, so I'm really really hoping I'll get everything done. But hey, sleep is overrated.

Amelia is spending a good chunk of the day cooking, so the house smells awesome. I hope she's actually having fun, though!

It's really good to see everyone again. I can't believe how old my nephews are getting. It makes me feel old, since I remember when each one of them were born.

Well, I should probably see if Amelia wants any help. Then it's back to the research table. Onward and upward. With luck later posts should prove more interesting.

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