Sunday, January 09, 2005

back to school

So school starts tomorrow. I guess I'm looking forward to it, though it hasn't really hit me yet that this time next week I'll be up to my neck in thirty-page articles and be struggling to figure out what the heck to say in my classes. At this point I've got 14 enrolled in my class. That's not too bad. I could handle a class that size. I'm really hoping I'm in one of the technology classrooms so that I can use the Internet...or at least show videos. But we'll see. I found out at the end of the semester that my last classroom was really close to the tech supply room, so I could have done a lot more with technology. I'd like to do more this semester, but we'll see.

As for my own classes, I've got two tomorrow, which means I'm scheduled from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but hopefully since it's the first day I won't be in class that entire time. I don't know though, because one of my teachers has an assignment due tomorrow. Well, at least I did the reading. I may not be able to claim that forever.

Though school is starting tomorrow, Amelia and I did get a nice (but all too short) trip to D.C. in this weekend. We went down Thursday night and left Saturday morning, but we still had some good times. We got to see a lot of stuff. I was impressed with the new World War II memorial (well, I don't know how new it is anymore, but I hadn't seen it yet). It's really attractive and pretty somber to look at. It's cool because it's set down in the ground a little, and if you look at the correct angle you can see the reflecting pool stretching out behind it, so it looks like it's set down in the water. I also found my uncle's name on the Vietnam Wall again. That's always a sobering experience. I wish I'd had an opportunity to know him. My mom and grandma always speak so highly of him. If it wouldn't upset my grandmother, I'd love to go to her house and find and organize all his letters home, as well as those of my grandfather. That seems like it could be a really important family keepsake.

On a lighter note, we spent some time at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and got to see The Puffy Shirt from Seinfeld. That was pretty exciting. Also, Muhammed Ali's boxing gloves from the Rumble in the Jungle were on display. We just watched the documentary "When We Were Kings" recently, so that was fun to say the gloves that took down George Foreman. Don't feel bad for George, though. After all, probably everyone reading this owns one of his grills.

We also got to hang out with our friend Becca and her friend Joe for an evening. It was a lot of fun. They're both really cool and really fun, and there was much good conversation to be had. So we had it.

I'll post a picture or two from the trip later on tomorrow. Until then, think of me when you're busy not studying for classes.

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