Thursday, April 07, 2005

them's fancy computin'

So this is my first entry from my brand new HP Media Center Computer. It's taking me a long time to set up (sorry I missed Live Night again, my friends) but I'm really enjoying it. I haven't finished installing all the appropriate software, but I've got the Media Center stuff working (I watched Spinal Tap this morning as I ate breakfast!), I've started getting software on, and I've moved everything around on my desk and gotten fairly well organized. So far, everything's working wonderfully, which is great, though a small piece was broken on my wireless mouse during shipping. I'll contact HP (or Sam's Club) later today and figure out how to get that replaced.

I've gotta say, this thing is pretty freakin' awesome. It's so very pretty to look at, it takes up way less space than my last computer, and it's absolutely silent when it's running. I couldn't be much happier with it. The only bad part is now I don't wan to go back to doing homework; I'd much rather play with and figure out all the fancy bells and whistles this thing has. It's definitely good times.

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