Tuesday, June 14, 2005

But I do sweat the small stuff . . .

So, the sushi gods apparently enjoy laughing at me. Yesterday my Japanese class was supposed to go get sushi together. We walked down from our classroom to the restaurant (sadly, I had to look up the spelling of the word restaurant. I NEVER remember how that word is spelled) in the just-about-hottest time of day only to find that they are closed on Mondays. We decided we'd try again today.

OK, I haven't had any good sushi in about a year, but I can wait another day.

Then today my sensei comes in at 10:00 and tells us she forgot she had plans so can we go later during the week. Argh! (Imagine that face Charlie Brown makes when Snoopy's in the outfield and lets an easy fly ball land right behind him). It's not that I won't survive, it's just that the class is so long it's nice to have something to look forward to. Yet it keeps getting delayed . . . maybe Friday.

And while I'm complaining about small grievances (how can I spell grievances with no problem but restaurant stumps me every time?) I'm trying to get my car licensced and registered here in Pennsylvania, and today the computer service that's supposed to tell you where to go tells me I can only register my car in Harrisburg--or at least that's the nearest place. Harrisburg is 65 miles away! Is it just me, or is this ridiculous? I've never lived someplace without a DMV or other office right in town. This city is small, but it's not that small . . .

Curse you, Pennsylvania, and you're nonsensical red tape!

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