Sunday, June 26, 2005

the weekend's greatest hits

I went mini-golfing on Friday, for the first time in probably a year or two. The mini-golf place is kind of hidden off the main road, and a little overpriced ($6.50 a person!) but it has been so nice in the evenings lately that we couldn't resist. Turns out it was worth it too. The course itself was pretty old, I think (at least the greens were well-frayed) but the grounds were in good condition: streams and waterfalls, gazebos and lookout towers, flowers everywhere. The back nine had a few drained ponds that didn't look so good, but for the most part it was a very cool little course. We had a really good time, even though Amelia beat me. After a few moments of sulking I got over it--after all it was only by one stroke. The only real downside was the fact that the course blasted country music from the loudspeakers. Ugh. With only one or two exceptions (Johnny Cash) I still just am not a country music fan. The lyrics, the twang, the imagery--it's all so cheesy. Sorry my friends who like country(cough cough--Shawn--cough cough).

Possibly the most interesting part of the evening was the high school double date in front of us. No, they weren't particularly crazy or funny or anything, but both girls were decked out in full-scale Mennonite-wear: bonnets, ankle-length dresses . . . well, that's it I guess. But the boys were dressed like normal high schoolers: Polos, jeans, tennis shoes. So do Mennonites have different rules for boys than for girls? Or were the boys not Mennonites, just boys who asked out a couple of happenin' Mennonite ladies? These are questions I never would have asked myself before moving to State College.

Other than that, it's been a good weekend. I've pretty much finished my syllabus and am finally excited about teaching. I'm also excited that I'll get a new Japanese teacher for Japanese 002, since the one I have now is getting on my nerves. Finally, our reviews blog, Eight Cents, is fully operational. Stop by and see what we've reviewed. (Hint: I just saw Batman Begins.)

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