Friday, July 15, 2005


Wow am I bored. Pretty much every day, this two hours between my Japanese class and my Composition class is pretty busy. I've got papers to grade, or homework to do, or a lesson to plan, or whatever. Today?

Well, I've got all that stuff, and I did it until about ten minutes ago, but it's the weekend and my class starts in 20 minutes, so I have no motivation to actually do any more for now. Instead, I'm here at the library, thinking about whether or not to go see War of the Worlds this weekend (yes, probably) and whether or not I should try and buy some art at Art Fest tonight (unlikely, unless I stumble across an extra couple hundred dollars).

So what do you do when you're at work but not exactly motivated to stay uber-busy? I'm not assuming you have twenty full minutes like I do, but most people have some free time at some point, right?

Any good links to recommend? Any good books to read? Any tv shows I should buy on DVD? Well, for now I'll go see what's on The Onion and Engrish. That's always good to kill a few minutes.

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