Monday, July 04, 2005

Penn's Cave and Other Weekend Happening

It's been quite a weekend. I'm finding this new schedule (class from 8-12 teach from 2:20-3:35) to actually be really tiring. Not only am I trekking back and forth around campus a lot more than usual, I also find myself struggling with the transition from student to teacher. It's mentally draining--not to mention the fact that I know have 24 (somewhat cocky and excitable) students as opposed to last semester's 9 (fairly laid back) students. But beggers can't be choosers, and I'm sure it'll be fine.

It's actually been a pretty fun weekend, though. On Saturday we went out with some friend's to a place called Penn's Cave, which is a cave that's partially filled with water and connected to a lake. You could take a little one hour boat tour, so we did. It was fun and the formations were really beautiful (I tried for more pictures but my digital camera is fairly crappy so it couldn't take low light pictures. Our friends took some though, so when they email us I'll post them). The only bad part was the tour seemed to consist of about 10% useful and interesting information, and about 90% coming up with clever names for the rock formations in the caves. It got old after a while. Still definitely fun. There are some other caves and caverns nearby which we'll try to explore later. The picture, by the way, is at the entrance to the cave.

We also started housesitting this weekend for one of my teachers. It's a little weird wandering around a teacher's house and stumbling across a huge set of workout videos or a large collection of bran cereals or other things and realizing that your teacher has a life and that you don't really need or want to know the details. However, they have a hot tub, so any awkwardness is easily melted away. The house is fairly small, but the yard is really beautiful (with a big multi-level deck and tons of flowers) and it's a house built for reading. Comfy chairs and books everywhere. I myself still would like the home theater in my house, but I think I could get used to this bibliophilic lifestyle pretty quickly.

By the way: Happy Fourth of July everyone. We've got 3 barbeques to go to, though I don't know how long we'll stay at each of them. Then hopefully the city will have a good fireworks show tonight. That's the plan, anyway, for now.

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