Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back in the Thick of Things

We've been back from vacation for 5 days now, so I figured it was about time to update. The vacation home this year was great. Everyone was relaxed, we saw a lot of family, and it was generally pleasant. Such a change from 2 years ago, when I had to convince my wife she should say good-bye to her family. We didn't see anyone as much as we wanted to, but I don't think anyone felt like they got screwed over in the "time spent" department, so that's good.

So now I'm back to the usual grind. Classes start on Monday (crap) and I'm very stressed about fixing my resume/creating a CV/writing cover letters/finding a job (double crap) but each day I seem to be making a little bit of progress, so I guess that's a good thing. I feel like I've got good credentials (Bachelors magna cum laude! Masters degree! Good work history!) but I'm also worried that it's just not enough. Plus, one of the jobs I was really excited to apply for has already closed, so that's kind of depressing. Overall, though, I know I'll be able to find something, and that hope keep me alive and kicking.

Plus, we seem to be running into a streak of good luck/kindness of strangers. First, someone I don't know and/or haven't seen in years sent us an iPod Shuffle for Christmas anonymously. It's a long story, but pretty awesome. Then on New Years Eve we ran over to Subway to grab some dinner, and the employee fella didn't make us pay! He just said "It's on me" and zeroed out the order. That kind of thing always makes me think I need to be a better/kinder/more helpful person.

Well, it's nearly noon, so I should probably get back to syllabus/CV revising. Happy New Year (only a couple days late)!

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