Friday, March 17, 2006

New York: Day 1 - Part II, Episode IV (A New Hope)

After our Internet friends went their separate ways, Amelia and I were left alone to wonder the streets of New York City. Since we were already in Nolita, we decided to walk a few blocks and explore Chinatown. We wandered down Mott street and then over to Bowery Street.

A word of advice: if you're in Manhattan, and you need to buy a light fixture, go down to Bowery. A half-dozen blocks of nothing but lighting stores. We wandered into a few stores with very cool chandeliers and some incredible lamp-age, but alas, pictures were frowned upon.

At one point, however, Amelia was crowned the queen of Chinatown.

Then, just off Bowery street we stopped outside the Buddhist temple and both had flashbacks to Japan.
It was fun, but even more fun was turning around to see this:

We wandered around Chinatown a little longer. Here's a helpful hint. If you're thinking of going to Japan but aren't sure what it would smell like, go ahead and wander around Chinatown for a little while. That fishy-producey-garbagey-sweaty-sweet smell you're wafting in? That's Japan.

Chinatown was fun, but let's face it, we're not Chinese and weren't going to be buying any light fixtures, so we hopped the subway and hitched a ride up to 86th Street on the West side of Central Park.

We took a nice (though slightly damp) walk across the park, which features bridges

and a reservoir
On reaching the other side of the park, what to our wondering eyes should appear? But the Met(ropolitan Museum of Art)! Actually, we knew it was there all along; we walked through the park to get to it.

We contemplated buying some photographs outside the
Met, but then Amelia perceptively noticed that they were just color photocopies--and crappy ones at that. So instead we went inside to enjoy all kinds of art.

Some of it was goofy:

Some of it was dangerous:
And some was just plain beautiful:

By the time we finished at the museum we were starving, so we stopped for a New York Slice (not at Sbarro's) and headed back to our hotel:
It was a long day, but a good one, and we enjoyed the busride back.

Coming soon: Top of the Rock! Surreal Theater! A Bicycle Built for Six!

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