Thursday, April 20, 2006

Joel Looks Like . . .

I'll post one of those questionnaires soon, so that you can find out all those fascinating facts about me such as what three objects are lying on my desk and where the last place I used a public restroom was and whatnot. But for now, here's a fun game you can play at home.

Have you heard of this website Google (pronounced "goo-gul")? Go there, then type in "[Your name] looks like" and hit search. The quote marks are important, as is actually using your name instead of typing "your name." C'mon, people, stay with me here. If you decide to play, post one or two of your favorites in the comments.

These are all real; the only thing I've changed is to capitalize Joel and to add an apostraphe to one of the entries.

Here are some of my highlights from Google's first ten pages:

There actually are people who wonder what Joel looks like.

Joel looks like a monkey!

Joel looks like he's going to an office party.

Joel looks like he’s ready to hurl

Standing in the shabby apartment, well-groomed Joel looks like a visitor from another planet, but one unaware of this fact.

Joel looks like he's just emerged from spending two years in the basement of Firestone Library.

The young Joel looks like the love child of Dave Barry and Bill Gates.

Joel looks like me and takes after his mom.

Joel looks like he's ready to bust some caps here.

Joel looks like a liar.

Joel looks like he won comfortably, or maybe his cube popped again

Joel looks like a liberal environmentalist by comparison.

Joel looks like a flamingo.

Joel looks like he’d be more comfortable playing to a small club instead of an arena

Joel looks like he's having so much fun

Joel looks like he's being given a pineapple sopository

joel looks like silent bob.

Joel looks like Mina with blond hair and soft blue eyes.

Joel looks like he's about sixteen. He yells alot.

Joel looks like a dork..but when does he not?

joel looks like a pirate.

Joel looks like he's throwing beer in his own face.

Joel looks like he's ready to high-tail it out of there.

So there you have it. I'd say that amounts to a pretty complete picture of me. A monkey, a liar, a flamingo, a pirate. What do you look like?

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