Friday, August 11, 2006

Money is Overrated

Here's the thing about moving. It's expensive. We got our cable/Internet bill today (still to come: water!) and now have more in bills than we do in our checking account. I'm pretty sure it will all work out. We have our deposit from our last apartment coming and Amelia's first paycheck should be here in about two weeks. But it's never a fun position to be in when you have more outgo than income. In about 6 weeks we'll be a-ok again, when my paychecks start coming at the end of September. But until then, we're just sort of coasting by. Does the government still give out free cheese? I gotta look into that.

Other than that, Georgia is looking all right. It's ridiculously hot out, but that should also change by mid-September. We still kill a bug or two each day, but most of them are small and we haven't been "infested" again by ants. So things are looking up.

Of course, with no money there's not a lot we can do besides sit at home and watch tv, but at least we're easily entertained.

On the plus side, I went up to the school last week and saw my classroom. I ordered a couple of posters and put them up, so it's beginning to look like a real classroom! It's strange to see my name on the wall, and I still am having moderate freak out moments where I think "What have I gotten myself into?" but on the whole I'm looking forward to work and real life starting. I think getting a life will help make me more excited to be here.

That and a paycheck, anyway.

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