Friday, January 05, 2007

Resolution (not the crappy play about handicapped kids and inclusion I was in during 10th grade)

Turns out not much blogging happened in Kansas. Also turns out new year's resolutions are hard even after 6 days. However, I am trying (among the usual list of goals like lose weight, be nicer, watch less tv) to write more, and since blogging is a form (albeit nonprofessional, mostly useless, and not particularly interesting) of writing, I thought I'd take a moment out of preparing finals to throw down a few thoughts.

(By the way, while adding "John Donne" and "Ben Jonson" to a list of authors to review for my British Literature class, I looked back to find I had instead written down "Don Johnson." Because it takes more than 15 years to get Miami Vice off my mind!)

Things are good back home. My sister was successfully married and is now enjoying her honeymoon in Brazil. The wedding was fun, but long--a 5 hour drive to Illinois and then back the next day. Still she was happy, so that's good.

But things have been crazy at work for both Amelia and I since then. I haven't had to prep a lot of lessons, since we're watching movies in 3 of 4 classes (but good, related movies), but figuring out what to do for finals has been stressful and time-consuming. I've got to go get approval today from the principal for my finals, so let's hope I pass. I think I will, but it's always a little nerve-wracking. Plus writing the tests just gets tedious. I can't wait for next year when I have a little time off from constant prep (a little. I don't expect a lot).

On the flipside, I have been really enjoying my xbox 360. That whole xbox live marketplace is amazing. Movies, tv shows, game demos, mini arcade games--all downloadable, and some of it free. It's fun.

So that's keeping me busy for now--though I still will try to find time to blog. It's the closest thing to a journal I have, so I like to keep up, even if my readership has dwindled to 2.

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