Monday, June 25, 2007

The Doctor is Out

So in my years of college and graduate school, I had semi-crappy health care. As with most university plans, the heart of the plan was "Go to the university health center. See what happens." Now that I am gainfully employeed, I have been wanting to visit the doctor and get a check-up. You know, I'm a big guy, I know I'm at risk for a few things, and I'd like to hear the doctor's advice on anything relevant.

Still, how come making a doctor's appointment is such a hassle? I just spent the last hour on my Blue Cross Blue Shield website finding a list of doctors, then calling, and then figuring out when they're in their offices, and where their offices are, and explaining that I'd rather see the male doctor than the female nurse, and it all comes down to "Well, just come on in and we'll see you." Which is convenient, but not as time efficient or as personal as I was hoping for. Is it always this hard to find a doctor? Plus, when I try and find out a little more about these doctors online, I got nothing. RatemyMD doesn't have too much yet, and those sites are notoriously easy to hack anyway.

I guess I'll just go to the office tomorrow and see if someone will make time for me or not. On the whole, though, the whole thing is a hassle. I just want a good doctor with a good bedside manner. Is that too much to ask?

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