Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Mountain of Cash

Just finished the final Harry Potter book. It was a good distraction over the last two days, and I thought it really worked. I couldn't believe it when Hermione killed Hagrid. So unexpected!

Just kidding, I wouldn't spoil it for you. I have realized, however, that writing "the next Harry Potter" would be a nice solution to the money woes that go along with buying a house. Not that we're super poor or anything; you just can't buy everything you want all at once.

For example, Amelia found a guy selling awesome pug puppies the other day. We really wanted to get one. But $350 for a dog seems a little steep to me. Still, maybe it's worth it when you realize they look like this:

Ah well, someday soon.

House repairs continue to go well. I figured out how to and performed my first major repair on Friday by cutting a hole in the drywall and running a cable line into the study. That was pretty exciting, but mostly because it's fun to figure out how to do stuff. Now I just have to figure out how to do good lawn care.

It's also about time to think about heading back to school. I took a break from East of Eden to read Harry Potter, but I still have 2 novels to read in the next 3 weeks. When my job involves reading, though, I can't really complain.

As Beth pointed out below, Amelia and I had our 5th anniversary about a week and a half ago. It was great. She bought me tickets to a minor league baseball game in Jacksonville, so we celebrated our anniversary at the ballpark with hot dogs and performances by Elvis Himselvis. Our seats were amazing, right behind home plate on the 3rd row. I could have tapped the boys in the dugout on the head if I'd wanted to. Definitely good times.

Anyway, we're in the new house now and the Internet is hooked up, so look for more updates soon. In the meantime, read away in your Harry Potter copies before someone spoils it for you (it happened to me with book 6. It's not a good thing).

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