Thursday, May 22, 2008

the groundhogs were the first clue

Indiana Jones 4 is, unfortunately, the Rocky V of Indiana Jones movies. Just terrible. For those who have seen it, let me say the following, which should suffice to enrage us all over again:

Snake rope.
Three times.

I can't go on. What a disappointment.

Grade: D+ for ruining the fond memories of The Last Crusade.

Update: OK, I'm changing to a C- for the grade. There were some fun Indiana Jones moments, after all. Plus, while I don't agree with the way it played out, I get that Spielberg was trying to homage some of those 50s era sci-fi/atomic era films and concepts the same way the original 3 were homaging the 30s adventure serials. It's still a disappointment, though.

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