Thursday, July 17, 2008

Put on Your Black Tights

In honor of The Dark Knight and the new trailer for Watchmen (my favorite graphic novel ever), I decided that today was the right day to let everyone in on a little project I've been working on.

I pointed out in my last post that I reached page 50 in my book. What I didn't tell you was that the reason I've gone so slow (let's be honest, 50 pages in a month is actually not all that impressive) is that I've been working on my own comic book. That's right, I'm finally ready to unveil Barack Obama: Secret Muslim for your pleasure.

Each week Obama erodes the fabric of American society through a variety of sneaky tactics: mandatory beards for incumbent senators, asking Nancy Pelosi to wear a burka, inviting terrorists to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom, etc. In a related subplot, his wife (Lady Panther) will organize a ragtag gang of welfare mothers into a well-organized militia. I've finished the first four issues, and let me just say that you'll love to hate Obama's arch-rival Whitey McPrivilege.

Anyway, at the gym the other day they flashed a Newsweek poll that said 12% of Americans think Obama is a practicing Muslim (are these the same people that are afraid of his black Christian minister?) and 26% of people think he was raised as a Muslim. People! Read a paper! Or a book! Or don't, actually, and buy Barack Obama: Secret Muslim issue #1--coming to a news stand near you!

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