Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Voted So P. Diddy Won't Kill Me

I voted yesterday (I know the sticker says today. I meant to post this yesterday--use your imagination)! That was pretty fun. Astute readers of the blog are probably already aware how I voted in the big race, but you might be surprised to know how frequently I voted Republican in the other races. "But Joel," you say, "You seem to be liberal, perhaps even a socialist or some kind of hippie!" Well, I am a democrat, but it turns out in most of the races I voted on yesterday there was only one republican running unopposed. It was weird. It was so overwhelmingly Republican with no other options, in fact, that I even wrote in a candidate for sheriff.

It kind of made me want to run for office just to give people a choice.

We made it in just under the wire for the early voting. I think on Nov. 4 if you're in line at 7:00 when the polls close (that's when they close here, anyway) you can vote. But at the little firehouse I was at they pulled everyone inside and locked the doors at 5:00. I guess poll workers don't want to work overtime. Understandable.

Anyway, it felt good, and I hope you vote too, even if we're not voting for the same guy.

Also, yesterday I bought two new pairs of shoes for work. I hate buying shoes normally, but I noticed at work that my brown Vans (my usual teaching shoe) had developed a giant hole in the side. In fact, that's part of why I hate buying shoes. I wear them out quickly enough and once I put on a pair of shoes I don't think about them again anyway (unlike my tie, or my shirt, or a coat), so it's a big hassle to me--which contrasts with my wife, who would buy shoes as a full time job, if such a job existed. Anyway, I found two pair that I liked and were comfortable, and the shoe store was having a sale, so I bit. Here's hoping I don't have to buy shoes again for at least a year.

Also, Georgia finally started to cool down! It's still getting up to 70 in the daytime, but the nights are downright chilly--39 degrees! I must have acclimated, because I have been freezing when walking the dog in the morning. I think this means I've officially been in Georgia too long.

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