Saturday, October 30, 2004

Last Night

The Wife and I had a really nice date last night--when we weren't hacking our lungs out because of this ridiculous perma-cough we've got. She had a Halloween party at work yesterday and won $40, so we went out to eat at Red Lobster. Could the money have been better spent? Of course! But we never have money to go to nicer eating establishments, so it was fun and worth it. And if you're in the income range where Red Lobster is not considered a nicer eating establishment, you're probably not reading this blog anyway.

At any rate, we got a nice meal, and I had a little present to give her, which she loved (it was a necklace I picked up at a cool little store here in town called "The End Result." Also, it was one of the few pieces of jewelry I've picked out that I think is actually hip and stylish right now. I have notoriously bad taste in jewelry, I think.) It's always nice to suprise your wife and make her happy.

Then we went home and watched a movie.

So it was fun. A good evening.

Now it's Saturday. The Wife is at work, and I've got plenty to do. I guess I should actually get back to doing it.

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