Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pennsylvania Political Activism

I've been pretty impressed with PA. I don't know if it's as a result of this being a swing state this year, or because there's a major university here, or what, but in the past week we've had several people knock on our door to encourage us to go out and vote. Two of these groups were Democratic pro-Kerry groups trying to encourage everyone to vote for Kerry.

This morning, however, another group came by (no, not Bushies). This was just a political activist group encouraging everyone to go vote, even to the point of offering rides to polling places. A similar effort is underway in my department (where everyone assumes everyone else is a very liberal Democrat--what a change from BYU). People are organizing carpools to voting places and encouraging everyone to go vote.

I think it's great. I support those efferts to get everyone involved. As much as politics makes my head hurt, I think it's important that everyone make their voice heard. This kind of activation is something I never saw in Kansas or in Utah. I dig it.

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