Sunday, November 07, 2004

incredible musings

My friend B is visiting from D.C. this weekend. It's fun! We're enjoying it, and it's been pretty low-key and relaxing so far (which is good, since I'm still too busy to completely drop everything and entertain, much as I'd like to).

Last night we went and saw The Incredibles, the new Pixar film about superheroes. It was hilarious. I haven't enjoyed seeing a movie like that in quite a while. Very clever, very funny, somewhat heartwarming. The animation is fantastic (of course) and the story is definitely engaging, especially for a grown-up comic book fan like me. So I highly recommend it, for sure.

One thing I don't recommend: taking babies or children who can't sit through a movie. Now, I understand that The Incredibles is a children's movie, so I was in no way expecting silence in the theater. However, on the row in front of us and just to the left, there was a mother with three young children. They looked to be about 3, 5, and 8 years old. The 8-yr old was fine, of course, and very enthralled in the movie. The 5 year old had some struggles, but overall she did well. The 3-yr old kid, however, spent only about 15% of the film's length watching the screen. Most of the time he was crawling over the seats, messing with his siblings, or talking at full volume to his mother. At one point he said "I want some candy, Mommy. I want some candy, Mommy" for literally 10 minutes straight. I really am sympathetic, but the child was bothering everyone around, and the mother did nothing to try and shush him, or take him out for a minute, or anything. In fact, she answered back in full voice half the time as well. It was ridiculous.

Fortunately, the movie was an action movie, so the child's voice was drowned out most of the time. But come on. Get a babysitter or don't go until they're old enough to sit still (or mostly) for an hour and a half.

At any rate, go see the movie. And if you don't have kids or you can get a babysitter, go see the late movie.

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