Friday, November 12, 2004

last minute requests

Well, this is shaping up to become a busy weekend. We've got a service project we're working on tomorrow morning (going to paint an alternative school that the school district isn't helping out too much). Then we got a call at 10:00 last night asking Amelia and I (I think there are few enough people reading that there's no point trying to preserve her anonymity) to speak at a little church branch out in Phillipsburg on Sunday. We don't have to talk long, or anything, but that's quite a thing to get tossed in your lap two days in advance. So that plus homework, I guess I'll be busy. Ah well, that's not a bad thing. Being productive is usually more fulfilling than being lazy, though the former may leave you much more tired than the latter.

By the way, as I write and study today I'm listening to the CD "True Love" by Toots and the Maytals. They're a reggae band (though this album doesn't sound overly reggae, which is part of why it's so cool), but here's the real point: what a great band name! Seriously, can you think of a better name than Toots and the Maytals? Say it out loud right now. I don't care whether you're in a work cubicle or a private office or reading on the toilet, just say it outloud.

Doesn't that make you happy?

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