Thursday, December 02, 2004

what i think while watching vh1 and mtv

For ten minutes (or so) this morning I flipped back and forth between vh1 and mtv while eating breakfast. Please enjoy my thoughts.

Green Day: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (vh1)
  • Really? These guys are still around? I keep hearing good things about their American Idiot album, but my response is always the same: I really don't care.
  • Why does the lead singer wear eyeliner? Is he just trying to be punk? Or glam? Or does he just want to cover up some major bags under his eyes.
  • This video is supposed to look like it's shot on super eight film, but there's too many frames per second, so you don't get that slightly jerky feel of authentic old home movies. Instead it just looks like they used some fun computer editing tools. Which I'm sure is what happened.
Yellowcard: Some song besides "Ocean Avenue" finally (mtv)
  • So, being in love and standing in front of a tank. I'm sure there's some deep emotional/philosophical/political message, but it's ranking pretty high on the Sports Guy's Unintentional Comedy scale.
  • These guys really don't do anything for me. Next Video!
Black Eyed Peas: "Let's Get it Started" (vh1)
  • You know, when this cd first came out the song was called "Let's Get Retarded." I guess that wasn't pc enough for the NBA, so now version number 2 is the popular one. That's ok, I suppose, because I had mixed feelings about the original anyway.
  • I enjoy this video, even though all the members of the Black Eyed Peas annoy me in some way.
  • Smashing pianos is always fun.
  • The girl in Black Eyed Peas: Is she attractive or not? I know she seems to have all the markings of what would typically be the hot girl, but there's something about her that just creeps me out. I don't know if her torso is too long for her body or what, but she kind of makes me shudder.
  • Though this song gets my feet a-tappin', I know that in 10 years I'll look back on the video and think how asinine it is. Oh well.
Lindsay Lohan: "Rumors" (mtv)
  • OK, I think we can all agree that Lindsay Lohan is about 20 seconds away from posing for Playboy. And yet her next movie is a remake of Herbie the Love Bug? Something's not right here! She can't be the innocent girl and the next Britney Spears at the same time. Can she?
  • This video makes me feel like her older brother. I want to hand her a sweater to cover up with, put my hand on her shoulder, and lead her out of this club.
  • This one was apparently on TRL, where they only show 30 seconds of the Most Popular Videos. That's good, because otherwise I would have missed Kelly Clarkson talking awkwardly about her first job at a movie theater.
At this point I cleared my dishes and came to work on homework.

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