Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the end of a (very short) era

Well, it's that time when I have to start thinking of going back to school. I'm not too excited. Call me crazy, but sitting around playing Xbox and watching Futurama (I love that show. I bought the DVDs of season one and am really enjoying them. Plus the audio commentary is excellent) or reading books beats school and having responsibilities anyday. So I'm living it up these last few days. I went and bought an xbox game the other day with some christmas money. It's called "The Bard's Tale," and if you're a fan of RPG games, it's pretty fun. It kind of mocks the genre and everything about fantasy games, so it is entertaining. It's another one that I got for cheap and I'll sell it online when I'm done. But it's a nice diversion now that my xbox live friends are back at work and I'm not playing Halo 2 all the time.

This weekend we're heading to D.C. It should be a lot of fun. Amelia's never been, and we've got a free hotel not far from the heart of the city, so that's always good. I'm especially glad because Amelia hasn't gotten much of a break, so it will be fun to get away with her before we get back in the regular rut.

Speaking of regular ruts, my class so far only has 7 people enrolled for next semester. Now, it could be that all my students from last semester warned their friends away from taking a class with me, but I tend to think it's because I'm teaching at 8:00 a.m. again and only crazy people or dedicated students would knowingly take an 8 a.m. class the second semester of their freshman year. But I think that'll be way fun! If it stays this small, not only will grading be a piece of cake, but it'll be one of those small intimate classes where you get to know everyone really well. I like those. So I'm kind of keeping my fingers crossed that it stays small. We'll see though.

My classes this semester will be so-so. My goal is to do work on my final projects early so that I'm not dying in April. But I think I say that every semester, so that's not a promise. The last two weeks of last semester were pretty busy, though, and I'd rather not have a repeat performance.

By the way, what should I do with my life? I think I need to take a survey or something. If I don't stay for a PhD (and I'm feeling pretty confident now that I don't want to stay) what should I do with my life? Go back and get an MBA? Go to law school? Get a job? If so, where? Government? Teaching at a private school or community college? Just make some connections in the business world? Stay home and write a novel? If so, how will we take care of little things like rent? I'm open to suggestions, so feel free to write in comments.

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