Friday, January 28, 2005


So, rumors are abounding these days that Microsoft will release the XBox 2 in time for this holiday season. That's cool, but rumors also abound that the new system might not be backwards compatible. Could this be true? If so, I might have to get out of the video game market soon. I had a hard enough time forking over the money for a system, as well as paying $20-$50 a pop every time I want a new game. But if the new version weren't backwards compatible, all the stuff I have now (which admittedly isn't a ton, but still) would be Out of Date and the new stuff would all cost more.

I say that Microsoft ought to go the PlayStation route. If they're going to release a new system, don't make us buy new hardware AND a new game library...Let me keep playing my Halo 2 and so on as long as I want to. That would make me about a hundred times more likely to eventually buy an XBox 2. Otherwise, I may just have to buy a souped up computer and play with that for a while.

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