Tuesday, January 25, 2005

pepsi...the choice of a tasteless generation

So, on the Yahoo main page in the right corner there's an ad for a new Diet Pepsi contest. The grand prize is "a trip to the Red Carpet" at the 2006 academy awards. Now, I'm the first to admit that I get a little excited to see celebrities. In D.C. a few weeks ago we walked out of a restaurant just as Matthew Lesko was walking in. Yes, he really does wear those suits in public (though the one he was wearing that night looked a little worn down). And I admit that I've dropped the line that I'm friends with Jon Heder, whom you may know as Napoleon Dynamite.

But really, how low has our society stooped when a great contest prize is not meeting celebrities, or attending an event with celebrities, but watching celebrities walk into a building where you will not be allowed. I mean, they're not royalty, for crying out loud. Do we really care that much what Nicole Kidman will wear or who Colin Farrel shows up with that this needs to be a ticketed happening? Watching people walk into the building is now an Event (with a capital E)?

I think not. Celebrity worship just bugs me. I'm so tired of shows like Entertainment Tonight or the E! channel who are convinced that I need to know the latest in Britney Spears shenanigans. I won't go down the whole "If we're going to glorify anyone, why not doctors and teachers" line, because I'm sure you've heard it already, and doctors get overpaid anyway. But the fact that I'm sure millions of people will try to win this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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