Friday, February 25, 2005

to be or not to be . . . awkward

So, we invited a friend from my program over for dinner tonight and to hang out and watch a movie. Her name is Giuseppina and she's very cool (and obviously very Italian, and also very Catholic). Anyway, it's a little weird, because the last time we hung out with single friends was back in Utah, and it was people we knew really well (my buddy Russ, or Amelia's friend from work). But now, setting all this up feels just like awkwardly organizing a first date--you know, asking her if she wants to come over, setting up a time, figuring out what we're gonna eat (it's Lent, so no meat for Catholics). It's just weird. I think it'll be fun; she's a cool girl, and I think she and Amelia will get along really well. Just the set-up reminds me of being seventeen again.

So, the verdict is pretty unanimously for Japanese (referring to the last post). I guess that's what I'll do, then. Because I always bow to peer pressure. I am weak. No, but I think that probably will be the best choice to keep me from hating the summer.

Also (to continue the theme of awkwardness) I had a student email me yesterday who hadn't been to class since January 19th. He wanted to get together after class today and talk about his grade in the class. I emailed him back and said "Well, right now it's a zero. And since you haven't contacted me in over a month and have missed three out of six papers, you're probably not going to be able to get above an F . . . and that's if you get an A on every other paper." I mean, I'm sensitive to family situations and all, but you can't just not contact me or show up for a third of our class and then just assume it'll all work out. Am I crazy? I just kind of wanted to laugh at him.

Laughing at students: perk number seventeen about being a teacher.

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