Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spring Break . . . State College Style

I am so ready for spring break. That is one aspect of college life that I really missed at BYU. We need it though. Every week in February I had a big assignment due in one of my classes, and now I don't have any major projects until early April. My goal over spring break (besides party like it's 1999) is to finish all my assigned reading for at least one of my classes. It'll be a fair amount of reading, but not too bad (five or six Shakespearean comedies). That way I can get started early on my projects and have a better April than I did February. Of course, Amelia's brother is also coming into town, so we're going to head down to D.C. for a day and probably out to Hershey and Gettysburg for a day, but that'll still give me ages and ages to work. I also have to watch three adaptations of A Midsummer Night's Dream for my comedy class final project and find Kurosawa's Throne of Blood as well. So I guess I'll have a lot to do, but no classes or teaching, so that's good.

Also, I think we're going to buy a new computer with our tax return. We found a nice media center PC at Sam's club (it's TiVo, it's a high-end computer, it's a video editor and more!) with a great big monitor and a really good price. So that should be cool. I've just got to finish doing my taxes to finalize everything. I've done federal and PA, but since we moved in July, I have to do Utah taxes as well. Crappy.

Other than that (to sum up the last few days) we (mostly Amelia) have been sick, but now we're mostly better. We've watched I, Robot and Cellular (both pretty good for what they're trying to be. Enjoyable, but no AFI classics, for sure. A nice evening if you're wanting reluctant hero/action movies), it snowed like six inches here yesterday, but not the 10 inches everyone was expecting, and I completed my presentation on Shakespeare in Germany in record time. Not a bad five or six days, if you ask me.

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