Tuesday, April 05, 2005

cheered up

The good news is that the check engine light came on for apparently no reason (they said it was a gas tank overfill warning, but since it came on while driving with about a quarter of a tank, I'm not so sure) so while we had to pay the $30 diagnostic fee, if it comes on again they'll check it without charging us anything, which is good. Plus I'm just glad we got it checked out for peace of mind. So that's one worry down.

Plus our new computer came! Woot! I'll set it up later tonight (must...focus...on...homework...)

So life is pretty good right now. Even despite the Team Who Must Not Be Named.

Most entertaining line in a student paper so far today:

"Phone calls were made, tickets were Fandangoed, carpooling plans were executed, and the movie was watched."

Apparently this paper was co-written by Thomas S. Monson.

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