Friday, April 08, 2005

What's my queue?

This is just hilarious. I love the commitment of these people. Misguided, perhaps, but definitely committed.

However, it raises a couple of interesting points. First of all, who are these people that can just spend forty-plus days waiting in line. I understand there's probably a complicated system of holding spots so people can use the bathroom, etc. But I'm guessing these people are still spending major time standing outside a theater. No jobs? No other pressing activities? Or does it not matter anymore, since with a simple cell phone you can now watch tv and movies, trade your stocks, contact everyone in your life, order chinese, and check your email, all while blogging the countdown to your vast fanbase. Or are these all people who live with their parents and have no responsibilities of any kind. Star wars fans of the world, this is the moment to make your voice heard: What's with you guys?

It does raise an interesting question though. Is there anything you would stand in line for more than a month to participate in? If so, explain.

Right now I think I'd wait that long to get into heaven, but that's about it. I could imagine camping out overnight for any number of things (good concert tickets, meeting important world leaders, maybe even a movie, though I can't think of one yet that I would actually do so for). Heck, in State College people camp out overnight to have a good view of the homecoming parade. Other people; not me.

I can imagine a few situations where I'd camp out for up to a week for some sort of once in a lifetime activity (the first twenty people in the door get an all-expense paid month long vacation to Europe, that sort of thing). But really, that's about it.

What do you think?

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