Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don't know which is more hilarious . . .

Did you know that one of the Department of Defense spokesmen is named Lt. Commander Flex Plexico? That may be the greatest name ever. If I ever become a superhero, there's a good chance I'd call myself Commander Flex Plexico.

Funny as that is, I don't know if it tops this however: R. Kelly's R&B Opera "Trapped in the Closet." (When you get to the site, stop the music--unless you're a big R.Kelly fan, I guess-- and click on videos.) The songs are bad enough (and believe me they're truly awful) but the music videos just put it all over the top. The characters actually mouth all the lines from the song. It's just ridiculously cheesy. I think Chapter 1 is the funniest and gets the point across pretty well. Just as priceless, however, is the fact that in one of the later chapters (chapter 5 I think, for those who may actually take the time to hear the whole thing) R. Kelly actually repeatedly sings a high-pitched "doot" in place of the computerized beep that normally covers up swear words in videos. Awesome.

"And I pulled out my Beretta . . ."

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