Tuesday, August 09, 2005

please clean your gym shorts

Went to the gym this morning (that's the goal: every morning before life begins, go to the gym. 1) I've gots to lose me some weight, and this is the first step. 2) I've got nothing until 10 a.m. next semester, so it should work. 3) I've gotta be up at 7 (or so) to take Amelia to work anyway.) I like the gym, for the most part. We just have a YMCA membership, so there's not a lot of pressure (unlike the trendier gyms here in town, where I don't think they let you in unless you already weigh under 130 lbs--male or female) and it's super cheap for both of us. At least it is for now. Our membership runs out in February, and since we have a financial discount, we can only get the membership for a year at a time, but we're leaving in May . . . whatever, doesn't really matter to the subject at hand.

I like going to the gym, for the most part (as I think I've mentioned before). I'm not one of those people who loves to work out, but I do like feeling that sense of accomplishment when I finish, and that makes up for a lot.

However, working out next to me today was a woman who smelled like old kitty litter. Now, I try not to bother people at the gym. I figure most people are like me in that they're working out to improve themselves, not to necessarily have a conversation about what's on tv, so I try not to pay much attention to the people exercising all around me. I just put on my headphones, turn up the volume, and do whatever it is I'm there to do (elliptical, frequently. Unlike everyone else in my family, I don' really enjoy running. It seems an activity that fits more when being chased by wild dogs or when saving a baby in the middle of the street). But let me tell you, it's really hard to concentrate when every few steps the pungent odors of cat urine and cleaning supplies waft to your nostrils. What do you do? I didn't want to move; after all, I'd started a program, and I didn't want to start over again. Plus, all the other machines were full when I started, and once they opened up I thought it would be rude to just up and move.

But let me just say this. If you're in a room that, despite good ventilation, is primarily filled with the smell of human sweat, and still all the person next to you can smell is kitty litter, then I think it's safe to say that there is something wrong. You're spending too much time with your cats, or you're rolling in something you shouldn't, or whatever. Cat owners, find someone who loves you, and ask them point blank if you stink. Because the smell has got to stop. It almost made me sick. It's ok to love cats. Just love people too.

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