Tuesday, November 08, 2005

coming soon

So, just a brief post to say I hope to post something real in the near future. For now, enjoy these nine disconnected thoughts.

1 - I consider myself computer literate, but sometimes things like posting multiple pictures in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way just stumps the crap out of me.

2 - Having visitors in town is nice. Having visitors in my apartment is not quite as pleasant.

3 - Hey, schoolkids! Turn off your cell phones, close the newspapers, and at least pretend like you're paying attention when I'm trying to lead a group discussion.

4 - Sometimes I feel so lazy I wish stairs had never been invented. Usually this feeling passes.

5 - eBay, I'd like you better if I could find the hot deals everyone keeps raving about, rather than the average deals I seem to find.

6 - Matthew Lewis, that's one heck of a book you wrote. With all the sex and violence, I never would have guessed that you a) wrote it in 1796, and b) were a member of parliament.

7 - School: Though I won't turn on my cell phone or read the newspaper while you are teaching me, please be advised that I have lost all interest in you.

8 - Bollywood musicals are really fun in theory, but they wear me out about 45 seconds into the first song.

9 - The thing about a bike helmet is: stupid looking. Safety is never as much fun as the firemen at my grade school made it out to be.

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