Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to Basics

My response to the above link would be the following: So, there's two options here. One, tell a story in real time in 120 minutes or whatever. To which I say, "It's been done"--Nick of Time, a below average Johnny Depp movie. (By the way, could the threat Jack Bauer is dealing with really be that bad if it could be solved in 2 hours?). The other option would be to drop the real time thing and tell a story with your typical time-saving edits, cuts, skips, etc. In which case I would say, what's the point? That's every other movie ever made. I just don't see this particular franchise as needing to hit the big screen any time soon. TV is good for it.

Anyway, classes started today. I teach two sections of the basic composition class this semester. Shouldn't be too bad. Both classes seem fine right now, though it's hard to gauge much of anything the first day. At least the classroom I'm in is nice. That's a good thing.

We also got a new camera on Saturday. A big shout-out to Not only did they have one of the best prices on the old InterWeb (including free shipping if you want) but they were also incredibly fast. I opted to use 4-6 day shipping for $7. I made my purchase late Thursday night and got my camera on Saturday. It's a Canon Powershot A620. I'm pretty excited about it. I'll post some pictures toward the end of the week. It's a high-end consumer camera, but it should be great for the next several years to learn on and expand with. Should be good.

Film recommendation o' the week: Murderball. Entertaining and inspiring, without being preachy or touchy-feely. Reminds me again why I love documentaries so much.

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