Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Orange Bowl Part II

We won! Talk about a nail-biter. This game, if you weren't watching, went into triple overtime! Two missed field goals in the first overtime, two touchdowns in the second overtime, and then FSU missed their field goal attempt in the third overtime (bounced off the goal posts. It was that close). Then Kevin Kelly redeemed himself from two game-winning missed field goal attempts by nailing the third (well, hitting it anyway; for a minute I thought it wasn't going to make it). What a great game--at least when my stomach wasn't in my throat. I'm proud of those guys.

Tonight, a game I'm excited to watch but in which I don't have any emotional investment. I may actually enjoy it more while it's happening, but this Orange Bowl will stay with me a lot longer. I've gotta go buy a Lions jersey before we leave this town.