Sunday, April 02, 2006

a blog by any other name

So I think I'm back to regular blogging for a while. I don't know when I'll get around to finishing up the old new york trip. Could be a while. It takes a lot of time/energy to get all those pictures formatted to small size, uploaded, organized, etc. etc. By the time I'm done I'm alway disappointed with the results, so I think I'll skip it for now.

Besides, I keep having ideas to blog about, and then I think 'Oh, I can't blog about that, I have to finish the New York trip.' Well, no, actually I don't. That's the beauty of this whole blog thing. I can blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. And right now I feel like blogging about how I won't blog about what I don't want to blog about. And could I say blog anymore in this entry? Blog blog blog. Yes, I can. But the more I say it the less meaning it has.

Anyway, I'm ready to be done with school. This last month should be interesting. I've got to write 2 short papers, polish an old paper to turn in for the writing requirement, grade 3 sets of student papers, find a job, and start writing my novel. Sounds like a busy month. On the plus side, I turn 27 in about 38 minutes, so that should keep me busy for a while.

27. That sounds old. Like grown up old. Like I should be thinking about setting up a 401K and diversifying my portfolio type of old. I'm not doing any of that stuff. I'm blogging and playing xbox and watching movies. But I guess that's the way life goes. You spend all this time wanting to be grown up, but grown up always means somewhere around 20-22 years old. Then you pass that up and realize you still feel and act like that's your age. It's kind of weird. Perhaps depressing, but only when I see how much others have accomplished by 27.

OK, rambling off. Check back soon. One thing a 27-year-old does better than a 26-year-old is blog regularly. So posts per week may be going up, though quality may not.

Oh, and blog blog blog. Blog.

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