Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dream a Little Dream

I had three dreams this morning. They may or may not have been related. Tell me what they mean.

1) Amelia and I were in Las Vegas and somehow were being comped a free room. The guy at the counter (it was some fancy casino, and we were at a special desk for handling high rollers or something, so the setting was a room kind of hidden in the middle of the hotel) was being kind of snotty, but I had a sheet of paper that proved we were going to be given a free room, so he had to give it to us. It was room 9, and we took an elevator up to find it. First we went into a room marked 9, but it turned out to be some kind of banquet or conference room. We were confused, but then we found a little secret hallway that took us to the guest rooms, and there we found the real room 9. It was a "family" room, so even though it was really small, there were three beds. There was a queen sized bed for us, and then there was a single bed (I sat down on it when we entered the room) and there was a kind of bunk bed bolted to the wall that wrapped around the corner above the door. So technically it could have slept 4-5 people comfortably. I said to Amelia, "This would be a good room for us even if we had kids with us." Then I woke up.

2) Amelia and I were in State College looking for the apartment of my friend Lance (who in real life does not live in State College but with his grandmother in some little town 40 minutes away). We decided we needed to knock on a random apartment door and ask if they knew Lance. So we did, and a Japanese couple opened these double doors into their apartment. The wife was wearing a silk robe, like we'd just woken her up, but the husband was in a suit. They were very surpised to see us, and even more surprised that we could speak Japanese. We talked for a few minutes (in Japanese) and asked if they knew were Lance was. They said "Yes, but he doesn't live here. He lives with his Grandmother in Johnstown (or someplace)." Then I woke up.

3) I was at some sort of anniversary party for some couple I never met. Only, I wasn't really there, I was just sort of seeing it all, if you know what I mean. It was a pretty swanky party, and the couple was at the front of the hall standing at a little podium in front of everyone. They were wearing some sort of matching shirts (black and white stripes, like criminals in old movies) and the husband talked about how he had made mistakes but was so happy his wife had forgiven him and they were moving on. Then it was the wife's turn (she kind of looked like a young-ish Liza Minelli). Instead of saying anything, she reeled back and punched him right in the face. I guess she hadn't forgiven him after all. Then I woke up.

Any theories? My mom is actually really good at interpreting dreams, but she doesn't read this blog, so I need some fresh ideas. (By the way, a word of advice: if you type the word dream into google or yahoo image search, expect to see some weird results.)

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