Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why Does Georgia Hate Me?

Dear Georgia,

Hi. I know we just met, but first off, let me just say this. You have some really great qualities. You're beautiful, for one. I really love the palm trees and the spanish moss and the marshes, not to mention the ocean. Plus, most of the people that live in you are super friendly. I appreciate that. It's a sign that there's something good here.

But Georgia, why do you hate me? First it was bugs. I can understand that. It takes some adjustment on my part, but since the fire ant debacle I think I've done a nice job adjusting. I'm used to killing a bug or two in the house each day, and when I don't have to, I'm excited.

Then it was the obnoxious landlady, but as long as things are functioning I don't have to interact with her, so that's ok. And in fact, she is taking care of the things we complained about, so I feel pretty good about that.

But now you don't want me to drive on your roads, Georgia? Or what? What gives? Sure we have no money to buy the second car we desperately need, but did you have to make our current car break down? Did you have to leave me stranded by the side of the road for an hour and a half in 95 degree weather while I waited for a tow truck? I mean, I really appreciate the guy that stopped and let me use his cell phone and took my wife home, but did you have to apparently destroy my whole engine (radiator, cooling system, cylinder, etc.) on what should be a perfectly good car? Did you have to do it now that we both have jobs and NEED transportation instead of two weeks ago when being without a car really would have not been an inconvenience?

I'll say this. You can still make it up to me. Let the car problems be covered under the warranty, for one. They should be, and I've kept my maintenance up appropriately, but I know warranty places like to get out of paying.

Help us find a cheap 2nd car, for two. It just needs to be a commuter car. Nothing fancy (though A/C is a must).

Make the car repairs go quickly, for three. No car is jus not good news, no matter how close to a store we may live.

Deliver us some money, for four. We need some.

Georgia, I really feel that you and I can repair this relationship. I really want to like you. But so far, you've just been a pain in the neck.

Trying to be your friend,

Shoeless Joel

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