Saturday, September 09, 2006

Long Time Coming

So, now that's it been nearly a month since my last post, I'm guessing no one really is reading this anymore. Still, I am trying to get back into the blogging habit, so late is better than never, I suppose.

Georgia is growing on me. I can't say I love it hear (I don't), but there are a lot of good things happening, and our lives are definitely busy.

Amelia and I were both called to serve with the youth at our church. I've got the deacons (12-13 year old boys) and Amelia is with the young women (there are only 4 of them in this ward). It should be fun, but at times it all seems like an awful lot to do. This week we both have to prepare lessons to teach on Sunday, we're both giving talks in church, and it was our week to clean the church. Plus Amelia's had to work evenings, I've had a load of grading to do, and basically we saw each other for about ten hours in the whole last week. Whew!

Fortunately, this week should be better. Amelia is back on a day shift that roughly corresponds to mine, and we shouldn't have to clean the church or talk in church for quite a while.

As far as jobs go, it's not so bad. Amelia seems to be enjoying working at the spa, and I'm enjoying teaching, though at times the students wear me out. They're pretty spoiled, and some of them are snots, but the extreme majority of them are good, smart kids. They make me laugh and definitely keep me on my toes. I'll have some good stories to share, I think. Yesterday I was told that I have good style by the 10th graders. I was wearing Vans and cords, and somehow that impressed them that I was a hip kid. That's cool, I guess. Mostly I have fun, though at times I have to lay down the law. And grading papers is kind of depressing--well, not the grading, but seeing how upset some of them get with a C or a D.

We're starting to make some friends here, and I think in another few months we'll be well into the groove--I mean, c'mon, I'm even used to (but still grossed out by) the cockroaches. So life does go on! How about you, readers? Drop me a note if you stop by! Let's get in touch

PS to the boys: We've gotta get Live night going again. It's been ages since I talked with any of you.

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