Monday, November 27, 2006

so much lettuce, so little time

I heard today on NPR that the average american family throws away $600 worth of food every year. Let me just say I totally believe it. We buy fresh fruit and vegetables all the time, but by the time we get around to preparing them, they've often gone bad. (No, this doesn't mean we don't eat any fruit and veggies. Fresh fruit we're actually pretty good with, but veggies often come in frozen form. So much more convenient!)

It makes me wonder how wasteful I am in other areas as well. For example, I don't have a problem printing things out at work, and at times will print things out two or three times when I remember new stuff to add. I recycle all my unused papers, but still, isn't that completely wasteful?

By the way, after a somewhat unsuccessful Thanksgiving (except for that Xbox thing, it was kind of a crappy weekend. Amelia had work and I got sick. Loads o' fun.) we finally got around to decorating for the holidays yesterday. I love Christmastime. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I miss the cold and snow (I know, but really it does go with Christmas) but I love making our house a little winter wonderland all its own, even if outside it's a balmy 73 degrees out.

Oh, one other recommendation. If you haven't seen the short-lived NBC show "Freaks & Geeks" (18 episodes, I think it was on in the late 90s) it's worth checking out. Funny reminder at just how painful--and also wonderful--high school could be. It almost makes me want to go to my 10-year reunion this summer. Almost.

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