Friday, June 08, 2007

I have seen the future, and it is iAwesome

Holy crap, the posts are coming fast and furious now! Nice thing about having the summer off is more time to do the stuff I really enjoy: read, write, watch movies, play Xbox, perhaps even work on a house (this remains to be seen). The benefit to you, the reader, is more frequent blog postings. This of course, is assuming I have things worth posting about. But since this blog has a few faithful readers (if you stayed with me through the drought of 07, when the posts only came once a month, then I figure you'll stay with me for the long haul) I figure my meaningless observations will at least get some sort of response.

I decided I had too much money the other day, so to get ready for being a homeowner (a role in which I can forsee no loose income lying around) I went out and spent it. The scene went a little something like this.

Customer Service - A Play in One Act by Shoeless Joel

Shoeless Joel (entering Circuit City while lighting a Cuban cigar with a $100 bill): Hmmm, this looks promising. My good man!

Circuit City Employee (looking at Shoeless Joel, then looking away): I hate people.

Shoeless Joel: I have money. I wish to make a purchase.

CCE (to nearby employee): Do you hear something?

Shoeless Joel: Here, boy. Fetch me your most expensive iPod.

CCE: This is so lame.

Shoeless Joel: Seriously, though, this is a lot of money to throw down. Could you at least pretend to be interested?

CCE (Takes out key, opens locked case, pulls out iPod): So, this, huh? OK, let's go to the front. (Tosses box in the air and catches it as he walks).

Shoeless Joel: Um, would you mind not doing that?

CCE (To other employee): So, you wanna ring this guy up?

Circuit City Employee 2: No. You do it.

Shoeless Joel: Listen, this is some major cash here. Let's do a little role play where my purchase helps pay your salary, so you actually help. What do you say?

CCE (Takes out brick, hits Shoeless Joel in the head): Here's your change.

Curtain Falls

Circuit City in this town sucks. At any rate, I love my iPod. Playlists, podcasts, downloadable video? I get it now! I liked those things just using iTunes, but this has just made me love my music collection again. Hell, I can even put our entire photo album on this thing. As well as PacMan. PacMan, I say! It's so much fun. 1600 songs, podcasts, 3 games, and an entire season of Heroes (all gotten completely legally . . . yeah, that's the ticket) and I haven't even used 20% of this thing's capacity! Which is good, since I haven't transferred most of my real CDs to the computer yet. It's a wonderful thing.

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