Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Good news! Barry Bonds won't publicly agree with me, but steroids work. Amelia's swelling went down almost immediately, and though the itching still sucks to deal with, she's a trooper and is doing fine. Crisis down.

Unfortunately, we also woke up this morning to find our refrigerator leaking water out the back. Crisis up! My friend Jonathan who knows all about home stuff is coming over tonight to take a look at it, but we may have to pay the piper on this one. I can mess around with pipes and stuff, but I really have very little idea what makes a refrigerator work, and I'm not even sure I found the right spot for the leak. I knew we had a savings account for a reason.

You'll notice a few new links to your left. Just a little housecleaning. Here's a brief user's guide, in case you're curious.

Sound and Sight - my friend Zimm. He knows his stuff--particularly music, photography, and other general awesomeness. He's at the top since he's my one friend who still consistently blogs.

Ken Jennings - the guy from Jeopardy. Very funny, well written, and worth your time. One of the few non-friend blogs I check daily.

Is Winning a Crime? - my brother. He only posts very occasionally, and he's been out of the habit lately (as are the next two) but he's a riot when he does post. Encourage him to keep writing!

The Doctor's Office - another friend in Indiana. This one doesn't post much, lately, but he usually has some good stories.

Crazy Linguist - my friend John, who lives in Thailand. John also doesn't post much lately, though his wife, Kristen, does here. They're having some interesting times.

Pandora - customizable Internet radio. You're not on this bandwagon yet?

The House of Leaf and Lime - a friend's mp3 blog. Good eclectic taste. He'll be back sometime in August, but for now just explore the archives.

Antarctica Starts Here - two more friends who know music. Mostly indie stuff.

The Comics Curmudgeon - I've linked to this before, but it really does make me laugh. A skewed look at comics, updated daily. Let me tell you, it provides a good break from teaching on those long boring days!

This American Life - Ira Glass's tales of, well, American life. Also available as a podcast. These always provide great food for thought, by turns hilarious, heartwarming, and horrifying.

CHUD - I prefer these guys to Aint It Cool News, but it covers similar ground without all the ridiculous fan-boy-ish-ness that Harry Knowles stoops to. Good place for action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, etc. film-related news.

Apple Trailers - movie trailers in Quicktime. Pretty standard. - THE place for video game news. Let me recommend two podcasts (also available on iTunes): The 1Up Show (video podcast) and 1Up Yours (audio). These people know the industry, but they also really like games. I listen to and watch these podcasts more than I play actual video games.

Penny Arcade - comics about video games. That about covers it. The semi-frequent articles aren't bad, but for my tastes the comic archives are the place to read. Sometimes I don't even know what games they're talking about, but they still entertain me.

Well, that's it for now. These are the sites I visit on an almost daily basis. If you find anything that suits your tastes, enjoy. I have to go see if I can patch a leaking fridge.

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