Monday, October 22, 2007

Culture Shmulture

With the announcement that Albus Dumbledore was, in her mind, gay, J.K. Rowling caused a predictable and eye-rolling uproar. I'm sorry, but if this news changes your opinion about the books one way ("Even more brilliant than I thought!") or the other ("I knew she was leading our kids to hell!") then I'm sorry, but you're kind of an idiot. If I learned anything in grad school it's this: the author is just another reader. If her reading resonates and adds richness to yours, fine. If not? Also fine. I'm already tired of the coverage this will likely receive in the next few days. People, there are more important ways in which the world is going to hell, and more worthwhile fronts to fight for gay rights, depending on which side of the issue you fall. Get over it.

And here's how! Did you know you can get one of last season's best new shows (Friday Night Lights) for only $20? I bought this after only seeing the first nine episodes. Writing, acting, sports scenes. This show is the real deal, and criminally underwatched. Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler may be the best (and most real) married couple on television. Skip going to the movies this week and lay down the same cash for 15 hours of high quality entertainment. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Finally, I started Stephen Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!) and had to buy it. This guy makes me laugh. What else makes me laugh? The fact that conservative students at my school also love it. Do they not get that he's making fun of them?

On a more serious note, as Amelia explains on her blog, my niece Cami is in the hospital. She's a fighter and on the upswing, but any prayers or good thoughts for her would be much appreciated. It was a frightening and tense weekend, but things seem to be moving in the right direction now.

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