Monday, November 05, 2007

Ya Grows Up and Ya Grows Up and Ya Grows Up

So, many of you will recognize the title of todays blog as a quote from a college favorite film: Swingers. If I can give you a little advice, however, let me suggest this: Don't do a google video search for "Swingers." And that's probably all I need to say about that.

This weekend Amelia and I felt like real live grown up adults for a day. We had a garage sale and actually made money. This is a first for us. We learned from our first garage sale in Pennsylvania that pricing things high and then hoping people will barter down doesn't really work. So we went with rock bottom pricing. It still amazes me, though, how much people want to a) buy our trash, and b) haggle at 25 cents. This woman had a new paperback copy of a John Grisham book in her hand--I mean the thing had never even been opened--and put it back when I said it was 75 cents. Huh?! Also, the most popular thing at the garage sale? The yard crap (wooden owls, etc.) that the old owners left behind. We sold that out within an hour or so.

At any rate, it was a good day for it, our friends Jonathan and Celeste came over and sold some stuff, and Amelia and I got rid of 2 couches--the one our home's previous owners had left behind and the first crappy crappy couch we bought 3 years ago. In all, we made enough to go pay for a big chunk of buying a new couch. It's a 2 piece sectional that is very comfy and hopefully will look good in our front room. Now if we could just get the 1080p hi-def tv, all would be right with the world...

School rolls on. Teaching is fun, but/and I look forward to the breaks. Next week: Veteran's Day off! The following week: Thanksgiving break! Now if we only had some family we could go see on Turkey Day we would be in a good position. Last year we did the "Loner Thanksgiving" which was fun, but once was enough. This year hopefully we can find someone to at least eat with. I think Thanksgiving is almost harder to be away from family than Christmas. At Christmas, you at least have stuff to distract you. Presents, and churchy type stuff, and the Christmas Spirit (my favorite spirit, after school spirit, that is) and all that can give you a pretty nice holiday even if away from family. Thanksgiving is all about family and friends though. You go to someone's house, eat a big meal, unzip your pants and fall asleep on the floor, watch a movie, watch some football, play some football, play some board games, and then eat pie. You can't do that with strangers, and it's not that fun alone. It's definitely a friends and family type of day.

Oh well. Maybe we'll go to a movie like last year. I suppose being separated is part of growing up too.

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