Sunday, October 14, 2007


  • My Entertainment Weekly this week featured a prominent ad for Britney Spears' new perfume. Really, at this point is smelling like Britney anyone's idea of a worthwhile goal?
  • Two episodes in to "Friday Night Lights" and I have to admit, this is excellent television.
  • Radiohead lets you set the price for their new album. This is the future of music and what record companies have been afraid of. It's also a damn fine album.
  • Amelia's blog has more comments after one entry than I have, probably ever, for one entry. This proves my point: I married up.
  • The Orange Box is probably the best gaming value out there. I've spent a few hours with Portal and a quick match in Team Fortress 2. I suck at the latter, right now, but I can't wait to play more. And I haven't even started Half-Life 2 yet, which is what originally prompted me to buy. It's a good time to be a nerd.
  • Michael Clayton was a good movie, though more thoughtful and engaging than the thriller the previews make it out to be. Still, I gotta admit I really like George Clooney. Who'd have thought?
  • The Maltese Falcon gets my vote over Chandler's The Big Sleep. I know Chandler's hipper, but Maltese is easier to read while still preserving that cool detective noir vibe.
  • I cannot bring myself to grade essays. It's getting to be a problem.
All right. Media awaits.

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