Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nearly Murphy

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did, except for the part where the heater broke and we thought our house was going to burn down. The good news is they fixed the heat coils in the attic unit (which was causing a weird smoking and burning smell--which is apparently what happens when the heat coils heat up so much they melt the unit wires down) and we only had one night without heat. Plus, it's south Georgia, so one night without heat is not so bad. The whole thing cost less than $100 and I'm hoping that will be all we need for a while.

I had a nice holiday, though. I got two presents that were pretty cool. One was a new game controller and a promise from my wife that she'll play xbox with me more often. Also, I got a giant puzzle (3000 pieces, nearly 3 feet by 4 feet) that is a 1691 map of the world. We're going to put it together then glue it down and hang it in my study. We just need to find a surface large enough to build it on!

The dog had a slight case of the runs, which means we'll be buying a new bathmat soon, but he's better now. I have learned not to feed him shrimp, though.

All in all, despite the mix-ups, it was a nice Christmas. How was yours?

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