Thursday, January 10, 2008

Final Cuts

Today was the final day of finals. Hooray! Now comes the job of finishing grading. Boo! But I only have two classes left. Hooray! But they're my two largest classes. Boo!

Amelia and I went and saw Juno last night. Amelia's boss was in the theater with us and hated it. She said we'd understand if we had teenage daughters, which may be true, but maybe would provide a good opportunity to talk about teenage sex and pregnancy and all that shizz. Anyway,I really liked it. Very funny, and surprisingly touching. Of course, no one talks that hyper-articulately in real life, but isn't that part of the reason we go to the movies--to watch people who are more clever, adventurous, and beautiful than we are?

Speaking of movies, Film Threat posted a pretty interesting list of the top 50 lost movies/scenes--well, interesting if you're a film buff or interested in film history. I am both, so it works. There are a handful of films on here that I have to imagine would be fascinating to see. And there are several that I'm ok with never thinking about again. Even more interesting is this article on the original version of Annie Hall. That might have really altered the course of filmmaking. What if Woody Allen--who love or hate, has been an influential director--what if his biggest hit . . . wasn't. Interesting stuff.

My sister has inspired me to soon post pictures of our house. Because I don't think I ever got around to doing that in July/August. So look for that soon.

OK, back to grading finals.

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