Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bathroom Phase I

Well, we finally finished the first stage of our bathroom remodel, and -- brace yourself-- I've got some pictures to show for our efforts. We really worked hard yesterday to get this done, and though it's not totally finished, we're calling it phase one complete.

To begin with, here's what the bathroom looked like when we first saw the house:
Note the matching wallpaper and shower curtain. Not our style to begin with, made even more odd when they took the shower curtain and left the random wallpaper strip. Also, that faux finish you can see in the second picture? That was on literally every wall of every room in the house, except for the laundry room. So ugly.

When we moved in we just used our old stuff, which ended up making the bathroom look like a weird little mishmash:We finally decided we wanted a more grown-up look, and Amelia's days working in the spa at her first job down here made her want to go for a spa-type look. We found a soft brown for the walls, added some new towel bars, new mats/shower curtain, and a couple of quick touches. What you see now is the end of phase I of our bathroom redesign.
I'm pretty pleased. It looks a little dark because we finished these pictures at 9:30 at night, but overall the glass squares over the tub keep it nice and bright.

We're not fully done yet. Once we've saved up a bit we'll replace the large mirror and put in two large medicine cabinet mirrors that we found at Lowe's. They're nice. Dark wood frames that match the cabinetry down below. That'll allow us to clear off the sink and add some candles/flowers. Also, we'll buy a matching cupboard to hang above the toilet, and we've got some artwork that we'll buy frames for to hang. Simple, nice stuff. I never thought I'd get into redoing this kind of stuff, but it's really fun. Coming soon I'll show you phase I of my office. Now that I've finally broken the ice on the pictures, I'll try and do it some more.

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