Friday, February 15, 2008

So Many Words, So Little Time

Well, I've had to cut back a little on the reading. I've had so many books in my currently reading that I haven't actually been making progress on that I was feeling guilty. Sometimes teaching and housework and being lazy just keeps me busy. So I'm trying to not bite off more than I can chew and am reading for school and my magazines and a little more. Blood Meridian and Still Life With Woodpecker will just have to wait until I can catch my breath a little more.

Magazines are part of the problem. For the most part magazines are strictly bathroom reading for me. But lately I have too many that come too often to make any progress. Monthly I get Paste Magazine, a music and arts magazine. I have hardly read any of it yet, however. On a weekly basis I get Entertainment Weekly and The New Yorker, both of which I love, but I barely finish one (if I'm lucky) before starting another. Instead of enjoying all my magazines, I always feel behind. Of course, partly that's just because I'm busy at school right now too, but I guess you can't do everything.

"Remodeling" (really just spicing up) the house continues to go well. I built a bookshelf into my study closet so that we can free up some wall space and eventually get a chair in here. Plus we've been redoing the master bath finally (painting, new towel bars, bath mats, etc.) so that will be fun. I'd say pictures coming soon, but we both know that would probably be a lie at this point.

In a completely unrelated point, if you're not watching Lost, go Netflix the first three seasons and get watching. The show is infuriating and so amazingly good at the same time. It's the only show I make time to watch live rather than recorded or on DVD. I guess that makes it one of the reasons I have all this reading to do.

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